CX Utilities Forum

Tue, 14 May 08:00 to Wed, 15 May 18:00
 Face to Face

Fueling Innovation. Driving Centricity. Embracing the Customer.

Developing a seamless CX journey that enables customers to achieve their cost and reliability goals will ensure customer retention and maintain profitability.

But as rapidly emerging competitors redefine energy standards through efficient, low cost digital operations, utilities companies must reimagine their approaches to customer centricity, innovate with agility, build their brand and leverage digital channels to remain competitive.

That's why the CX Utilities Forum is bringing together Europe's leading CX Utilities professionals to share best practice and work towards common goals such as cultural change, customer centricity, digital transformation, data analytics, process improvement and more.

Our CTO, Richard Farrell will be hosting a roundtable session at this event, where we will explore the root cause of almost every major CX problem: bad processes. And how your front-office teams, who know your customers, can collaborate with IT to develop solutions to solve them.

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