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2021 CX and Customer Service Trends and Priorities

Released on Monday 10th May 2021

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Watch our webinar with guest speaker, Thomas Husson, VP and Principal Analyst serving CMO Professionals at Forrester.

As part of the ongoing evolution of the contact centre, it’s crucial that the skill set of the agent also evolves. To deliver great customer experience (CX), agents need expert knowledge and ability to speak the customer’s language. Agents must become empathetic, tech-comfortable, problem solvers.

So, how do you manage and evolve your agents, so that they are as comfortable in engaging with systems, processes and product/service development, as they are in engaging with your customers?

In this webinar, our CINO, Richard Farrell, is joined by Thomas Husson from Forrester to look at the trends and priorities for your CX strategy in 2021. They will explore the important cultural and organisational changes which will augment agents and explain how their role will be redefined and elevated as a result.

They will also share best practices from CX leaders in the UK and globally while looking at three specific areas:

  • How mature are UK players in delivering a differentiated customer experience?
  • How will technology and automation change the game in contact centres?
  • What are the best practices in augmenting customer service and improving CX?

Watch this 2021 CX Trends webinar to learn more about key omnichannel and AI technologies and how they change the role of contact centre agents.

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Thomas Husson

Vice President, Principal Analyst Serving CMO Professionals – Forrester

Thomas Husson

Thomas is a vice president and principal analyst serving chief marketing officers. Thomas focuses on technology innovations within marketing and their impact on strategies, such as the disruptive role of technology in bridging the digital and physical worlds; new conversational interfaces, such as messaging apps, bots, and intelligent agents; and the role of mobile devices, including wearables and connected objects, in shaping consumer attitudes and behaviours.

Richard Farrell

Chief Innovation Officer – Netcall

Netcall team farrell richard

Richard investigates and advises on changing environments, technologies and trends, working closely with tech and business analysts to inform his knowledge, which he’ll share as part of this webinar.

Over the past 20 years at Netcall, he has researched, innovated and delivered solutions that meet the needs and challenges that our clients face. He has a rich and in-depth understanding of customer contact management.

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