British Water Virtual Focus Group

British Water – Data & Analytics Focus Group

27 January 2021 at 11:00

How can water companies use data and analytics to drive innovation?

Data is key to understanding customer needs and delivering great customer experience. But many water companies are struggling to manage the huge volumes of data produced. Legacy technology is often not able to deliver the insights that are needed to transform CX and deliver efficiencies.

As part of the Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival, we hosted a ‘daily dash’ sprint-style workshop to cut through the layers of data and find a rapid-build innovative solution to help customers who are falling into debt.

Using an online virtual whiteboard, we quickly workshopped ideas for a payment support app and built a payment support solution in just one week.

In this focus group Jack Lawton, Data Science Principal at Aiimi will share recent experiences from the Northumbrian Innovation Festival and the Water Consumption Data Hack Hosted by Anglian Water, SES & Welsh Water.

In addition, John Brett, Utilities Director, Netcall and Ian Bambrough, Customer Team Leader at Northumbrian Water will share their lessons learned in using a ‘daily dash’ to speed up the innovation process. They’ll share how they leveraged the data and knowledge available to quickly deliver a practical solution. They’ll also provide useful ideas on how to jump-start your innovation journey and get ahead of the curve.

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