Liberty Create-Community Event

App of the Year 2022: Showcase your App

Entries now closed

Learn how you can showcase your Liberty Create applications

Entries are now closed for our hunt for game changing apps designed on our Liberty Create platform. So next on the agenda will be announcing our winners.

To recap – we want to highlight the outstanding work going on around the country using Liberty Create, and recognise those who are making a huge difference to organisations, customers and communities.

This year we’re evaluating each application against three core areas.

  • Customer Experience (CX)
  • Digital Transformation (DT)
  • Innovation.

Our community matters

We have an AppShare community made up of great minds – you make this possible! Here are a few facts about our unique community that show we are better together:

  • There are currently 2,000 community members
  • 180 apps are live on AppShare
  • Six to seven Apps are uploaded every month
  • There are also 70+ App downloads every month.

Customer Experience (CX)

Great CX makes lives easier and builds goodwill. Whether it’s for your customers, people or operations, a new CX App should be easy to use, fast and solve challenges. Here are some CX highlights amongst our winning Apps, all powered through Liberty Create’s low-code platform.

Watch this video about CX

Digital Transformation (DT)

DT is changing the lives of customers, organisations and communities everywhere. You could be redesigning processes or enhancing self-service. Whatever the challenge, digital change should deliver a positive and more efficient experience. Here are our some of our DT highlights amongst our winning Apps.

Watch this video about DT


Innovation is coming up with new, creative ways to tackle challenges. You might need to be quick to respond to a changing situation, or looking for a new idea to solve a growing problem. These Apps are fuelled by innovative thinking produce results AND new opportunities.

Watch this video about Innovation