Virtual event

Government 4.0 Wales

Mon 17th May to Friday 21st May 2021

Public Sector Digital Transformation Forum

Over five days, the Public Sector Digital Transformation Forum are running sessions looking at a specific automation or Government 4.0 tech. All of which is being used by local government to deliver services to citizens. We are delighted to be sponsoring and taking part.

On Monday we take a look at RPA. There are plenty of high volume/low impact tasks in Local Gov service delivery processes. Research has shown that that robots are better than humans at boring, repetitive work. Using RPA for these tasks increases data quality, eliminates human errors and frees up workers and agents to deal with more complex tasks that require more skilled intervention.

Then on Wednesday we focus on low-code. During the pandemic, we’ve seen examples of local authorities moving from hypothesis to a live service. With applications that have been tested and iterated within a matter of days. Low-code has made that possible. It’s a type of software that allows non-technical people to create user interfaces, like online forms, without needing to do any traditional computer programming or coding.

This recent experience has demonstrated to councils up and down the country that service development and implementation does not always need to take months, sometimes just days. So many councils are now grabbing the opportunity that low-code presents with both hands.

As well as low-code and RPA, other technologies will be covered through-out the week. The full agenda is:

  • Monday 17th May – 10am – 1pm: RPA
  • Tuesday 18th May – 10am – 1pm: Artifical Intelligencce
  • Wednesday 19th May – 10am – 1pm: Low-code/No-code platforms
  • Thursday 20th May – 2pm – 4:30pm: Internet of things (IoT)
  • Friday 21st May – 10am – 1pm: Webchat/Chatbot and Virtual Assistants

Join the session to hear first-hand from the councils that are using Government 4.0 tech to meet challenging needs.