Helping transform the tenant journey

Wednesday 5th May – 9:00am – 10:00am

Breakfast briefing for consultants working in housing

Housing associations depend on your expertise to support them with their digital service transformation. You’ll be very aware of the hurdles and barriers that housing associations face. Challenges like legacy systems and silo working can really hamper transformation. But despite these challenges, you’ll be helping them with their goal to deliver seamless tenant services at a lower cost. All on channels the tenants want.

Our solutions can help

Our Liberty Platform allows cost-effective end-to-end process and communication flows. And, it’s interoperable and vendor agnostic. Want to see it in action? Come and see the solutions for yourself and take the chance to discuss with our senior technical team.

Exclusive invitation

You are invited to a consultant-only, virtual breakfast briefing. As we can’t yet meet in person, we’re making online a little more inviting. A continental breakfast will be delivered to your door, we hope you’ll enjoy it with us.

What’s on the menu

  • The launch of our Tenant Hub, a housing specific case management framework with a self-service portal. It’s built on our low-code platform and includes core structures that you can re-use for all your services (people, properties, blocks, estates, tenancies and rent information).
  • A briefing on how our Liberty Platform puts housing associations back in control. They can build flexible fast solutions for themselves 10x faster than normal coding. They’ll be able to knit legacy systems together with all the communications tools they need. All at a very affordable cost.

You’ll discover Tenant Hub and then see how our end-to-end capability can help your housing clients. We look forward to meeting you.

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