London Market Forums Online Event

New World Series – Role of Technology & Innovation

Tuesday 16th May 2020 – 11:30am

What is the role of business agility and automation in the London Market’s ‘next normal’?

It’s no secret that the path to agile, intertwined with digital, has been on the agenda in the London Market for several years. The accelerating working-from-home trend, which was suddenly mandated as a result of the COVID crisis has changed the game for markets across the world – so what’s next for London?

In this webinar, the technology edition of the New World Series from LM Forums, our CINO Richard Farrell will join a panel to discuss and debate this. We’ll explore the role that technology and innovation have played in allowing the market to continue to function effectively.

This session will also examine whether the pandemic has expedited the adoption of planned and new technologies at a faster rate than we’d previously anticipated and what this could mean for the future of the market.

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