Mental Healthcare
Planning Workshop

Friday 5th November – 9:30am – 12:00pm

Join our dedicated Mental Healthcare Planning Workshop – 5th November 2021

Effective care and treatment planning in mental health services is critical to supporting the people in our care to reach their health goals.

Join our exclusive workshop where we’d like to show you a new care planning programme that takes the best of what we do in our services but makes it more clinically effective, releases time to care, improves patient engagement, delivers health outcomes and ultimately saves our publically funded services money

Elizabeth Allen has identified you specifically as a professional who has significant experience in this area and is able to offer an expert perspective on the development of this system, called Pathnav, developed by Netcall. It began to address these longstanding issues within a new programme; software integrated with patient record systems that reached for better care planning for service users – that critically was also effective for clinical teams.

This isn’t a sales pitch. We’re not asking you to invest in our system. But we’re at the point in our service specification where we would really value your views about what features of a better care planning system would work for you, so we can build what our services need.

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