Appointment Management Cycle
Remind, rebook, refill

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Patient appointment management

Managing both patient care and appointments is a difficult task, and staff are required to manage every step. Automate each stage of the appointment booking process to improve efficiency and reduces your administrative costs. You could reduce DNA rates by 25%!

Admission reminders

Every missed appointment is expensive for hospitals and NHS Trusts, negatively impacting finances team time and resources. Gently reminding patients with an automated call, SMS or email to increase attendance rates and improve patient service, thereby benefiting both the patient and hospital.

University Hospital of North Staffordshire save £1m with AMC

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Appointment cancellations

It is inevitable that, occasionally, appointments are cancelled. Effectively communicating this within a suitable timeframe is essential to limit any possible inconvenience. Politely inform your patients of any changes and allow the option to rebook an appointment. Improve patient communications and service and maximise delivery of care.

Contact Centres

Routing patients quickly and effectively to the correct advisor is important. Additionally, making sure that each department across a hospital is providing a consistent service will ensure patients do not become frustrated or abandon the call. Centralise patient contact within a contact centre and allow agents to deliver a more effective service without increasing costs.

The Patient Engagement Centre:
Provide your patients with a joined-up and personal experience,
using their channel of choice at any time

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Clinic utilisation

When appointments are cancelled, a great deal of administrative effort is often required to rebook the time-slot before it is wasted. The ability to rapidly and automatically contact patients on a waiting list to offer them the available appointment reutilises these slots reducing agent effort, costs and waiting times.

Patient transfers

Often when patients call hospitals or Trusts and they are asked to provide their information on multiple occasions in the same call they become frustrated. By automatically screen-popping patient information to the agent in real-time eliminates the repetition and saves time, to the benefit of both your patients and advisors.

Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust achieves a 38% reduction in Outpatient DNAs within 6 months

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Friends and Family surveys

Providing the Friends and Family surveys is an important and necessary requirement for all hospitals and NHS Trusts. Gathering feedback using manual or paper-based methods is time consuming and inefficient. Use automated outbound calls to survey all patients and systematically record responses for rapid access to relevant information.

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