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Transform the handling of tenant complaints
Tenants rightly expect great levels of service, and for their homes to be comfortable, safe and well-maintained.

No one likes to receive complaints and no one likes to make them. But sometimes tenants will need to raise issues with you as a housing provider. Effective complaints handling shows you are genuinely focused on your tenants’ concerns and resolving them.

So, when someone does make a complaint, it’s important to handle it effectively. As you ensure the issue has been resolved, you can also use aggregated complaints data to pinpoint bigger issues for your attention.

Complaints offer an invaluable source of insight — helping you to drive improvements, reduce costs and increase tenant satisfaction. And when handled well, they can lead to positive tenant engagement and experience.
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Stay on top of Tenant Satisfaction measures
The new Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) came into force on 1st April and will give tenants greater visibility of the performance of social housing providers.

The TSMs cover a range of performance measures, including effective complaints handling. Which is why getting an effective complaint handling process and supporting system in place is going to be crucial for providers.

If providers handle complaints well, it will likely have a positive knock on effect on areas such as overall satisfaction — reflecting the extent to which the provider listens to tenants and acts on their concerns, and whether the provider treats tenants with respect.

Listen, analyse and learn from complaints — building better tenant engagement and stronger communities — and improve your overall performance.
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Netcall integration
Integrations for Housing

A joined-up customer experience starts with a joined-up tech stack. We can help you integrate a huge range of systems – from enterprise platforms to bespoke home-grown applications.

Capture, manage and analyse tenant complaints

The powerful case management, workflow and reporting capabilities built into Tenant Hub means you can quickly capture, manage and analyse tenant complaints.

And you can do most of this without manual intervention, because intelligent automation within Tenant Hub does most of the hard work for you.

Tenant Hub provides out-of-the-box reporting capability — enabling you to export valuable complaint insights into third party reporting tools, using Tenant Hub’s powerful integration capability.

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Why choose Tenant Hub to manage your complaints?
Join up your complaints process, improve handling time and get valuable insights for improvement.

Built on low-code, Tenant Hub makes it quick and easy to develop and launch services, then iterate and improve them as needs change. So you can be ready for whatever changes come your way.

As part of the Tenant Hub solution you’ll also get access to the Netcall Community and our free-to-use AppShare. Download, build and share free-to-use application accelerators, adaptors, plugins, themes and widgets. Take advantage of pre-built solutions and collaborate with other housing providers.

Use best practice from other housing providers to accelerate your own developments, so you can spend more time listening to and responding to your tenants’ concerns.
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Deliver 360 visibility for everyone

Wave goodbye to siloed data and say hello to a joined up way of viewing information. No more chasing calls or duplicating work. Enable your team to focus on delivering effective tenant outcomes.

Gain valuable insights with real-time data

Quickly see the status of all complaints and highlight trends to pinpoint key areas for action. Our live process maps show you throughput data at every stage.

Proactive tenant communication

Keep tenants in the know with email or SMS. Ensure staff have the latest details using the at-a-glance dashboard. Reduce inbound calls for status updates.

Internal alerts and escalations

Keep everyone in the loop with automated messages or escalate where needed to ensure smooth, efficient case handling.

See Tenant Hub for complaints in action

Using the Liberty Create platform, Valleys to Coast built a social housing complaints service to transform the tenant experience, which includes complaints reporting, providing the ability to respond to report requirements from the Ombudsman. 

  • 6,000 homes managed
  • 6,800 customers
  • 24/7 availability
  • 88% improvement in completion times
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