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What if you had your own way of building software systems and digitising processes that are built around the specific needs of your organisation?

Apps for Customer Services

Automating the processes that underpin customer service, dramatically improves service. It also gives you far greater visibility of what’s happening, making it easier to measure performance. And you can generate real-time alerts, which all helps to identify issues early.

Liberty Create uses a low-code approach to let you easily and rapidly develop your own software apps. This allows you to automate customer services systems in a cost-effective way. You can use it to build systems yourself, which are designed around your specific needs. And then you can integrate them with your existing systems and software.

To help get you started, we have a number of apps to get you up and running very quickly. These starter apps can be tailored to exactly fit the way your organisation works. And you can extend and customise them exactly as you choose.

People helping in a call centre
Customer Support

Nest is a customer support app that allows users to instigate and handle support or helpdesk interactions through a portal.

woman making payment
Payment Support Portal

This app provides service organisations with a channel for their customers to apply for payment support / debt relief.

omnichannel contact centre
Survey Builder

An intuitive survey builder for a range of internal and external survey use cases.

woman using mobile phone to send text message on social media at night.
Ticketing System

Provides a simple ticketing system. Customers log tickets via a self-service webpage.

Smiling lady enjoying great CX
Employee Welfare Risk Assessments

Allows organisations to contact staff en-masse to respond to questions tailored to on-going homeworking.

switchboard operator bot
Customer call back requests

Give your customers the ability to book meetings and request call backs which can be integrated directly to your contact centre.