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What if you had your own way of building software systems and digitising processes that are built around the specific needs of your organisation?

Apps for Health and Safety

You’ve probably invested in one or more apps for health and safety software systems. Even though these systems are relatively mature, they have not been designed around your specific needs. Rather than fit your work practices around these systems, it’s better to have systems work around the way you work.

Liberty Create uses a low-code approach to let you easily and rapidly develop your own software apps. It allows you to automate health and safety systems in a cost-effective way. You can use it to build systems yourself, designed around your specific needs. And these will integrate with your existing systems and software.

To help get you started, we have a number of applications for Health and Safety which will get you up and running very quickly. These starter apps can be tailored to exactly fit the way your organisation works and then you can extend and customise them exactly as you choose.

Employee Welfare Risk Assessments

Allows organisations to contact staff en-masse to respond to questions tailored to on-going homeworking.

volunteer app
Contact Tracing and Outbreak Management

This app allows organisations to report on individuals affected by the virus for tracing management.

Reliably routing calls
PPE Co-ordinator

This app allows you to manage the process of Personal Protective Equipment requests.

Doctor writing notes
Daily Health Checker

This app was designed to give organisations a better understanding of employees on-going health on a daily basis.

Who’s On

Gives you an accurate visibility of employee status through the periods of disruption, particularly useful for remote staff.

Emergency Alerts

This app provides a mass communication employee crisis response capability, to alert all employees.

Calendar Booking

This app allows your staff to book resources, such as meeting rooms, pool cars or a service.

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Report It

A simple app to capture and process staff requests or incidents and process.

Health and Safety LaunchPad

This LaunchPad provides a set of starter apps to get you up and running very quickly.

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