Netcall for Education

Digital Access 24/7 for Students, Staff and for Clearing

The Liberty Platform provides a full, cloud-hosted, integrated student engagement platform providing omnichannel contact centre and conversational messaging.

Solutions for education

Let students choose how and when they contact you
Students want channel choice. They don’t want to be forced down one particular channel. So whether they prefer email, online, chatbots, phone, WhatsApp or Facebook, they should all have the same experience. With our solutions for education, they can even jump around from one channel to another and seamlessly pick up the same conversation. And your agents can see all their interactions in one consistent view.
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Reduce call traffic and improve call efficiency
Whether it’s a member of staff or a student, no one wants to sit on hold for ages to ask a simple question or get to their chosen destination.

And with staff in remote locations or working from home, routing calls to the correct person is more difficult than ever. Our sophisticated speech bot, ContactPortal, reliably and accurately routes calls, regardless of where your staff are or what device they are on.
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When is a phone not a phone?
We have added a softphone to our contact centre solution. It’s a very useful way to solve the challenges of mobile device contracts and data protection concerns.

These software-based phones present the phone interface on the user’s computer. Users can make and receive calls direct on their laptop or desktop device. There’s no need for additional software.
Your agents stay connected, supporting students, no matter where they’re working.
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AI-assisted conversational messaging
Use automation to drive timely, effective self-service with standard and custom chatbots.

Connect with students across a wide selection of digital channels for better conversations – whether it’s SMS, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messaging, Web Assistant or email.
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Take secure payments
However your students want to pay and wherever your agents are based. Our Secure Payments module works across self-service / automated payments channels such as IVR, chatbot and SMS; and agent-assisted channels such as phone, chat, email and social media.
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Clearing in the Cloud
Netcall’s hosted solution, Liberty Converse, enables increased inbound lines and improved infrastructure capacity for the clearing period at universities across the UK. The solution for education is a fully scalable option and cost effective solution.
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Netcall has been very supportive and worked alongside us every step of the way. Netcall successfully helped us to develop and implement a new system that other companies in the industry had said couldn’t be done!