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Solutions for finance

Accelerate app development
Digital has transformed life for finance organisations and agility is now the order of the day. We help you get up to speed. Our low-code solution, Liberty Create, lets you bring citizen developers and IT experts together to ramp-up app development. Business users can get apps 80% of the way there, while your IT department makes sure they meet your high standards. What used to take months, now takes days.
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Stay in touch with customers
Money is a sensitive topic and your customers want to know when things change on their account. Our omnichannel contact centre, Liberty Converse, gives you everything you need to stay in touch. You can automatically notify users when they slip into their overdraft or forget to pay a bill. Plus, you can use whatever channel suits them best – text, email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more.
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Take the hassle out of applications
Applications, whether they’re for a new ISA, mortgage or credit card, create a lot of work for you, your brokers and your customers. We can relieve some of this burden. Liberty Create lets you automate processes and create new apps to address inefficiencies. You can take manual paper-based processes online or create new, more efficient ways to process applications. The upshot? Happier customers and a lot less manual work for you. That’s the beauty of low-code.
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Shatter your data silos
Your business can’t get by without big, powerful enterprise solutions. But sometimes these systems become data prisons. Crucial customer information gets locked into databases and, before you know it, only certain people can access it. Liberty Create helps shatter these silos so that every app you build is fuelled with up-to-date customer information. It has pre-built integrations with most business applications and uses SOAP and REST APIs so it can even connect with niche tools.
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Streamline your customer experience
Nobody wants to explain the same problem to five different people. Improve your customer experience by answering customer queries on first contact. With Liberty Converse, your agents see the entire thread of the conversation in one place. That way every agent has the context to help your customers. Plus, you can customise your call forwarding to make sure customers get through to the right person, first time round.
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To comply, or not to comply? It’s not really a question.
Regulations are a fact of life but compliance doesn’t have to be a painful, drawn-out process. We can give you the tools you need to create new processes, fast. Whether you have to give customers access to data, pseudonymise sensitive information or shore up security, we can help you make big changes in short timeframes.
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We received excellent support from the Netcall team, whose agile approach to development has allowed us to deploy these changes swiftly.
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