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Tackling the challenge of mould and damp risk

Housing providers want their tenants to be safe, healthy and comfortable in their properties. They also want to make sure they are proactive in managing and maintaining their housing stock to achieve this.

In particular, tackling mould and damp risk in social housing — particularly for potentially vulnerable tenants — is a significant issue for many housing providers, as recent reports by the Regulator of Social Housing have shown.

It’s now possible to manage and mitigate the risk of damp and mould in properties using a data-driven approach in social housing, underpinned by smart technology.

As a housing provider do you need to:

  • Gain real-time updates of any property’s environmental conditions
  • Recognise tenant calls about damp and mould
  • Capture data from IOT sensors to help identify damp and mould risks
  • Drive automatic case management from baseline monitoring
  • Automatically generate case management workflows
  • Support repairs teams with robust reporting
  • Free data from silos, create actionable insights
  • Instantly highlight concerns on tailored management dashboards
  • Proactively use automated tenant communication and surveys
Work smarter, not harder
Using smart solutions such as intelligent automation and internet of things (IOT) technology significantly reduces the burden of managing risks for housing providers.

The new Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) require housing providers to gather data on keeping properties in good repair and effective handling of complaints.

Can you support compliance with these measures with your existing systems?

Our Liberty Platform supports an improved end-to-end tenant and team experience that covers all your housing management needs.
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Take control
Often, your data is stuck in expensive and cumbersome legacy solutions. And transformation without data access is almost impossible.

Look no further. We offer a range of applications to help you get a handle on mould and damp risk within your housing stock.

Instead of silos, manual workarounds and delays, imagine automated mould and damp case identification and proactive tenant communication.

Change your processes, tenant experience and improve efficiency.
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Integrations for Housing

A joined-up customer experience starts with a joined-up tech stack. We can help you integrate a huge range of systems – from enterprise platforms to bespoke home-grown applications.

How we can help: Applications to help manage mould and damp

To support housing providers in managing damp and mould risk, we have a number of applications built on our Tenant Hub solution.

These applications automate mould and damp case identification — helping you proactively engage with tenants and respond effectively to new TSM requirements.

  • A speech-to-text analysis tool which searches for keywords related to mould and damp in calls from tenants and provides the ability to action these insights
  • An IOT platform which enables the management of IOT devices and the handling of alerts from IOT devices, which can measure environmental conditions in tenants’ properties. This can also provide actionable insights
  • A complaint handling module which helps manage the end-to-end complaints process more efficiently – see how our customer Valleys to Coast are using it
  • An outbound campaign module which lets housing providers proactively manage engagement and provide support to tenants on issues such as mould and damp, cost of living or fuel poverty
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