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Transforming your repairs process

The #1 reason why tenants call your customer service team is to report a repair. This can vary from minor repairs such as fixing a leaky tap, to major repairs such as replacing a roof or managing a mould and damp issue.

In addition to safety concerns, repairs can also have financial implications. Failing to deal with repairs proactively can lead to more extensive and costly repairs in the long run.

A failure to repair correctly can also create tenant dissatisfaction and poor scores against Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM).

To transform tenant repairs you need to deal with requests efficiently and cost-effectively, to make sure you deliver a good tenant experience.

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Deliver fast, efficient digital service

Tenant Hub is our end-to-end tenant engagement solution. It enables delivery of great digital services —straight out of the box.

Join up legacy systems and replace manual workarounds to deliver a seamless repair process.

Connect office teams and on-site repair workers to ensure everyone has full visibility and timely reporting.

Take charge of your repairs process using Tenant Hub – and save time and money.

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Why choose Tenant Hub to manage your repairs?
Transform tenant repairs with Tenant Hub — and build a customised social housing repairs service, which includes self-serve appointment booking, operative scheduling and field work.

Because it’s built on low-code, you can quickly and easily make updates to accommodate needs, for today, or in the future. So you’re able to harness the power you need today, to drive your transformation vision.

The Netcall Community also gives you access to other social housing services downloads, via our free-to-use AppShare. Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to?
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Reduce inbound calls

Offer tenants a convenient and easy-to-use 24/7 self-service portal to cut inbound call traffic. Use pictures to identify specific details, making it easy for your team to understand the job at hand. Tenants can upload photos and choose repair times to suit their circumstances.

Deliver 360 visibility for everyone

When everyone — from the front-office to job managers and skilled repairs team — has the same task and activity view, it really makes a difference. No more chasing calls or duplicate work. Just everyone focused on effective outcomes, improving morale and encouraging greater teamwork.

Effective planning and route mapping

Smooth and efficient travel helps your repairs teams get to jobs quickly, reducing backtracking and saving running costs. Planning the day helps remote teams achieve more, and boosts their morale. Less travelling is better for reducing costs and the environment.

Proactive tenant communication

By using SMS or email, you’ll keep tenants in the know. If a date changes, or repairs teams face traffic delays, your tenant will know immediately. Say goodbye to irate calls demanding answers your advisors can’t provide. If tenants do call, your agent can provide useful answers using their at-a-glance job status dashboard. That’s a boost for tenant satisfaction!

Integration co-ordinates with full visibility

With our specialist integration capabilities, you’re able to plan holistically as you integrate data from back-end systems. Synchronise with your maintenance team — so reported repairs and planned maintenance can be coordinated. Two-way updates to your back-end systems keep compliance and other records updated.

Get repairs done correctly – first time

Having tenants clearly define their repair details upfront, enables you to triage standard repairs, fast. Complex repairs are quickly identified for follow ups before any on-site bookings are made. Which helps your teams deliver the correct repair first time.

Access the right data at the right time

Your teams have the job, place, and tenant data they need for each repair – on their handheld device. Before and after photos provide an accurate audit trail. Task history facts are easy to review, minimising subjective debate. Supervisors can easily reward team members for their dedication, successful outcomes, and attention to detail.

Take control with real-time data

Facts, figures, and issue management are at your fingertips. All data in the system can be reported on. And our live process maps show you the throughput data at every process stage, with instant statistics. Quickly plan for process improvements, staff training or change how teams handle matters. Highlighted trends help you pinpoint areas for attention.

Internal alerts and escalations

Everyone gets open visibility on job status and progress. Auto messaging can confirm job receipt and anticipated date. Integrating with your specialist systems can provide updates on parts arrival for specific jobs.  So you’re able to cost-effectively deploy your resources.

Automatic survey collection

Get ahead and meet the renewed focus on tenant satisfaction measures (TSM) — where first questions refer to tenant satisfaction with repairs, time to complete the most recent repair, and satisfaction their home is being maintained. Automatically send tenants surveys on completion of repairs. Then review feedback and quickly pinpoint any areas for improvement.

See Tenant Hub for repairs in action

Using the Liberty Create platform, Adur & Worthing built a social housing repairs service to transform tenant repairs, which includes self-serve appointment booking, operative scheduling and field work. 

  • 6,850 homes managed
  • 17,900 repairs a year
  • 24/7 availability
  • 86% customer satisfaction
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