Netcall for Housing Associations

Helping transform the tenant journey

Supporting your vital role in building communities for over 20 years. Helping our customers to manage over 750,000 properties to deliver a streamlined tenant and team experience.


Many housing associations have a number of systems to manage, often as a result of mergers. These legacy solutions can be expensive, cumbersome and have little integration. Leaving some feeling like they are stuck with the systems they have got.

But a joined-up customer experience starts with a joined-up tech stack. We can help you integrate a huge range of systems – from enterprise platforms to bespoke home-grown applications.

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Don’t let legacy hold you back
Often, your data is stuck in expensive cumbersome legacy solutions. And transformation without data access is almost impossible.

Look no further. Liberty Create, our low-code solution, allows easy integrations using REST and SOAP APIs for accessing data. And, for the really obscure data, we have a specialist toolset that gets data flowing, giving you better end-to-end visibility.

Instead of silos, manual workarounds and delays, imagine the way interoperability will change your processes, tenant experience and agent efficiency.
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Drag and drop interface
IT departments are stretched. Our Liberty Platform is a perfect solution for busy teams. Our drag-and-drop interface allows your upskilled digital teams or business analysts to build applications and serve the needs of customers, fast!

It’s quick to learn and available as formal classes or free e-learning. Your project teams can get accredited as builders with our 3-day Level 1 course. Advanced builders complete a 2-day Level 2 course. Visit the Community to find out more.

You can soon be convinced of how our easy-to-use platform can free up IT resources to focus on governance and control. They maintain full visibility and control, ensuring apps are developed in line with your processes, policies and procedures.
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