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IoT for social housing

As people live longer, there’s a pressing need for greater levels of care and support. At the same time, the social housing sector has to contend with squeezed budgets.

As they seek to protect vulnerable tenants and residents, social housing providers are focused on improving the day-to-day care and support they provide. And that includes ensuring their relatives enjoy peace of mind.

That’s where IoT (Internet of Things) devices come in. From remote sensors that detect dampness or control temperature — to motion sensors that detect if a vulnerable person might need assistance — they offer an innovative, efficient and cost-effective way to manage multiple properties.

Joined up, this data can be integrated to offer next-level tracking, immediate alerts and real-time visibility

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Turn insights into action

Our Case Management for IoT uses low-code technology to make sense of all your IoT device data — so you can turn insights into action.

It monitors and automatically triggers cases across your entire estate, replacing outdated analogue tech and offering a sophisticated solution to ensuring better tenant and resident experiences.

With low-code, social housing staff create and update internal processes and systems to handle alerts, with minimal IT intervention and time.

Generate value from data and put insights into action with effective case management.

Optimise available time and resources through effective prioritisation and rapid response times.

Take action quickly and ensure your residents’ safety and wellbeing.

Discover case management for IoT devices

Why choose Liberty Platform to manage IoT?

  • Onboard any device, from any manufacturer
  • Manage the end-to-end device lifecycle
  • Provide officers with a view of all devices in the homes they manage
  • Automate escalation and alerting help to ensure tenants and residents receive proactive services
  • Enable faster response times and prioritise resident issues in real-time
  • Avoid drops in service by monitoring device performance and usage
  • Support early intervention to help reduce impact on other local public services, e.g. NHS

At-a-glance IoT platform features

Whole estate visibility

Real-time data from IoT devices helps manage actions and workload.

Powered by low-code technology, Case Management for IoT Devices helps managers meet SLAs, adjusting staff resources in line with real-time data from every household and area across the estate.

Baseline data, rapid alerts and escalations

Respond quickly to important alerts and take action.

Low-code is used to build business rules based on baseline data. That means busy teams handling multiple tasks get immediate alerts when a rule triggers a response — and can escalate actions to local teams, supervisors and managers when needed.

One vendor-agnostic interface

Multiple-manufacturered devices are brought into one unified view.

Keep tabs on all devices in one easy-to-use interface with low-code. Support the entire device lifecycle — including installation, data reception and performance, and offboarding.

Clear visual reporting

Bring multiple IoT device records into one view.

View and track trends for each diagnostic device. Move beyond manufacturer-owned data aggregators to see trends by customer via one reports interfact. Low-code gives teams the ability to track customers and be alert when help is needed.

See Liberty Platform for social housing in action

Adur & Worthing built a social housing repairs service to transform tenant repairs. Using the Liberty Create platform, they offer self-serve appointment booking, operative scheduling and field work, with highlights that include:

  • 6,850 homes managed
  • 17,900 repairs a year
  • 24/7 availability
  • 86% customer satisfaction
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Turn data into action

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