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Tenant Hub improves resident journeys

We’ve been supporting your vital role in building communities for over 20 years. Helping our customers manage over 750,000 properties, our tenant management solution delivers a streamlined tenant and team experience.

Introducing Tenant management that makes life better

Housing Associations and social housing providers have a tough task. From complaints and repairs, to off boarding, estate management, inspections and arrears, you’re there to provide services at every step of a tenant’s journey. Digital transformation is a top priority, as you make sure no residents get left behind. And the solution? Choosing the right tool that goes beyond CRM and internal processes, delivering easy integration across your customer experience and tech stack. That keeps both your team and tenants informed — so they can provide a seamless, high-quality service experience. Tenant Hub is the answer.

What is Tenant Hub?

Tenant Hub is Netcall’s specially designed customer and team experience platform. Built to manage the Housing sector challenges, it enables delivery of great digital services straight out of the box. Its advanced CRM capabilities, tenant portal and prebuilt processes transforms tenant management.

Fast track your digital transformation now and for the future; while easily integrating with your existing tech. And with control back in your hands, you can build the applications you need to deliver more digital services — and draw on the inbuilt AI and RPA to create a user-designed approach to offer a better tenant experience.

Fast track your digital transformation

Quickly deliver new digital services
Enjoy more flexibility and internal control. Upskill internal resources and deliver services 100% fit for purpose. Drive proactive customer updates to cut inbound demand. 
Free data from legacy applications
Take a 360 view of your data — integrated, end-to-end, in real-time. Inform decision making with actionable insights.
Watch team productivity rise
Boost team morale and customer satisfaction. Deliver digital transformation for customer services, middle office and remote teams and more.
Use a powerful set of tools
Comms, low-code, intelligent automation, artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA) and quality control. This is tenant management that goes beyond a CRM.

See Tenant Hub in action…

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Tenant Hub so much more than a CRM

Tailored for the housing sector to improve tenant satisfaction, efficiency and compliance.  Integration with your legacy tech, gives you a 360 view. Centralised data to support real-time, informing decision making.  A tightly integrated suite with tenant case management, contact centre comms, built-in AI, workflows, RPA and quality management. Cost-effective ownership, digital control and flexibility to meet transformation needs.

Check out this video below to see the benefits for yourself.

Tailored for the Housing sector, Tenant Hub gives you the tools you need to deliver digital services, quickly and at a fraction of the cost you’d expect.
See how Clyde Valley uses Tenant Hub

They are providing the very best service experience to tenants with innovative tech

See a Tenant Hub Demo

Let us show you how Tenant Hub is enhancing tenant management and CX for social housing and Housing Associations