Netcall for Local Government

Better for citizens, better for you

One in four councils use our low-code or contact centre solutions to make life easier for their citizens and staff. Now it’s your turn.

Use cases for Local Government

Citizen Hub: An app for any service
How we interact with our local government has changed. It’s less letters and phone calls, and more websites and services. We can help you meet this demand. Citizen Hub lets you build self-service apps from templates so citizens can tackle everyday tasks online. It is our toolkit for local government organisations – a framework of screens, processes and rules that councils have asked us for time and time again. Roll out the most common services to the public in just a click – parking permits, blue badges and more.
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Accelerate digitisation with Intelligent Automation
All councils want to create better experiences for their citizens. But, in practice, this is extremely tough. You have to fix a load of broken processes and often technology can be as much of a hindrance as a help. Intelligent Automation is the combination of Liberty Create and Liberty RPA. Which are designed to solve this specific issue. It doesn’t just make it easier for citizens to contact you, it lets you create all-new, automated processes in a flash. So when someone gets in touch with a problem, the right person reacts to fix it and the citizen is notified. All without any manual assistance.
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Meet some of our Local Government customers

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Free up the phone lines
There are always those times when you get an influx of calls. Election season incites people to ask where their polling station is. Summertime sees a thousand people wondering which parks allow barbeques. The list goes on and on. We can help you manage this surge. IVR and chatbots can be deployed to manage Q&As and smart call routing can direct calls to the right departments. Everyone’s life just got easier.
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A treasure chest of apps
Sometimes, our customers are willing to share the apps they create and we store them all in our AppShare. During the pandemic our customers have been able to react quickly, producing apps for emergency alerts, status updates to tracking, workforce monitoring and volunteer communication. Become a customer and you’ll get instant access to all of them.
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