Netcall for the London Market

Delivering digital-first for the London Market

Don’t let complex processes and legacy tech hold you back. Our tech helps deliver the market’s aspirations for change.

With our low-code and RPA solutions, you can build applications to automate processes across your organisation. Bringing together data, communication channels and fixing the processes that are currently hindering the experience for your customers, staff and partners.

Solutions for the London Market

Reduce friction in the value chain
Improve operational efficiency with straight-through processing. Use apps, like low-code, that allow you to seamlessly exchange data across the whole value chain.

By digitising manual processes, the potential for human error is reduced.
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Don’t be held back by legacy systems
Rather than rip and replace, build on the investments you’ve already made.

With Liberty Create, our low-code platform, you can tie together legacy systems with new applications that deliver the information you need and a great customer experience.
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Built by experts in the London Market (you!)
The ease of use of our platform means you can bring IT and business together to build what you need yourself, fast.

You can solve a multitude of challenges with a secure single platform, all under the governance and control of IT.
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Better access to data
Gain a competitive edge with integrated access to external and internal data.

Provide one version of the truth and empower your people to make better-informed underwriting and claims decisions, based on better access to enriched information.
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We need to make ourselves more relevant, more innovative [and] much more cost effective.