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The definition of a great customer experience hasn’t changed in a hundred years, maybe more. It just means meeting some basic customer expectations. But in the world of retail, it’s those customer expectations that have radically changed.

Break free from legacy prison
We expect a helpful personal service. But a hundred years ago retailers didn’t have to contend with thousands of customer enquiries on every channel possible and data sat across infinite systems.

Often these systems become data prisons. This ageing, legacy tech wasn’t designed to talk to other systems in your IT stack. It’s a recipe for disconnected processes and data silos, not to mention poor user and customer experience.

But there is a solution. Liberty Create our low-code solution helps to shatter these silos so that every app you build is fuelled with up-to-date customer information available at everyone’s fingertips.
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When it all goes wrong…
We’re all used to a slick service and now ordering goods online or shopping in store is often a breeze. But what happens when something goes wrong?

What happens when the delivery truck delivering your bed accidentally reverses into their wall? Or the food shop you ordered didn’t arrive on time? Are your systems set up to deal with it? Or are your customers left with a “computer says no” response?

With Liberty Create you can adapt and add new processes, fast. So you can respond quickly when something you didn’t plan for happened. And what’s more, Create empowers the people that actually understand your customers to build the solution. They deal with customers every day – they hear their complaints, frustrations, difficulties and pain points. You just give your smartest people the tools they need to turn ideas into applications. So there’s no more “computer says no”.
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We do not have enough coders, we don’t have enough traditional developers to create the thousands of process automation projects we need to fill the CX gap

Dreams storefront

Bed retailer Dreams to elevate customer experience to ‘unrivalled’ levels

Siloed systems and a growing number of service channels have made it harder for Dreams to meet the changing needs of its customers. The all-in-one customer experience platform from Netcall will enable the retailer to make transformational changes quickly and improve agent performance by weaving all channels into a single customer conversation.

Dreams will implement Netcall’s Liberty platform at its Bedquarters in High Wycombe from where it intends to transform the customer experience. “We want to deliver a slick, seamless and satisfying experience unrivalled in our sector.” said Dreams’ Head of Customer Services, Sam Johnson.

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Competing with the new kids on the block

So you are a traditional retailer with a long history and a loyal customer base. Suddenly a new VC backed player enters your market. And although you offer a great customer experience, they can do it better, and quicker. And because retail is such a fast pace market, they are going to gain customers, fast.

How do you keep up with the newbies that don’t have any of the legacy tech or complex processes that you do?

With Liberty Create you can transform at lightspeed. When more people can build apps, you can make big things happen fast. Whole processes improve overnight. Customer experience headaches disappear. Data silos dissolve. So you can compete with the new kids on the block.

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Maximise your margins

When margins are tight, every efficiency gain has a big impact. Nearly every retailer has hundreds, possibly even thousands of peripheral processes which push up the cost to fulfil. And these are often quite lengthy and manual. How many of these do you have across every department and your 3rd party suppliers in your organisation?

But your current ERP systems can’t cater for these small processes, so what can you do? This is where low-code comes in. We can help you automate your processes, cost-effectively without breaking what already works.

This allows you to dramatically reduce the cost to serve and make the most out of your margins.

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You can start genuinely small and really drive that change through. Deliver great value, and that’s the things that starts the journey.

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