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The utilities market is changing. There’s never been a greater focus on innovation and delivering the best customer experience (CX) for both customers and developers. Take a digital-first approach and transform your CX processes, fast.

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Catch up on all the latest news and insights to see how we’re helping utility companies innovate and improve processes to create a digital-first future.

We are pleased to announce that we have joined British Water as part of a sector initiative bringing disruptive digital technology already delivering significant value in local authority/NHS and financial services towards the utilities sector and its supply chain.

Intelligent automation equips utilities to automate processes through new apps, portals and process flows. Discover digital-first process automation to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

Water companies have long been focused on delivery to customers. But less focused on engaging with those customers. With an efficient service and a captive audience, you’ve never really needed to be. But now Ofwat has extended the ‘reputational incentive mechanisms’ by which water companies are measured and funded. This new situation calls for a new approach.