Netcall for Water and Energy

Digital innovation for utilities

The utilities market is changing. There’s never been a greater focus on innovation and delivering the best customer experience (CX) for customers and developers. Take a digital-first approach and transform your CX processes, fast.

Solutions for energy companies

Improve processes directly impacting CX
Let energy company customers contact you the way they want to, on the channel they choose. Join up data silos and fix the process issues hampering your customer experience.

Providing an excellent customer experience is key to maintaining trust and retaining customers. Meeting the regulated measures of performance will have implications for your organisation. The ability to meet these performance commitments will have a direct impact on access to the financial incentives available from the regulator.
But what does good CX look like?
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The COVID-19 effect
The pandemic has almost certainly accelerated momentum towards new ways of working, automation and digitalisation. This is likely to continue — even as we move to unlocking parts of business and society.

Energy companies will need to maintain a high degree of flexibility and resilience in how they manage customer interactions and communications. Operational measures adopted in the height of the crisis may need to be retained and adapted for the future. So how can you deliver outstanding CX on every channel of choice?
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Please hold. Your call is important to us.
Energy companies deal with a very large number of small customers. This creates a challenge for managing contact centre demand, across multiple channels. Can you easily flex up and down if a large proportion of those customers suddenly want to talk to you? Can you switch channels and keep the conversation going?

That’s where Liberty Create comes in, helping you automate processes and avoid long call queues.
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Reduce cost and improve resilience
Liberty Create helps you improve your CX and reduce costs. Use automation to speed up routine processes and free up your teams. ‘Right first time’ is quicker, your customers are happier, and your customer satisfaction scores get better and better.

Take a low risk approach to transforming your CX. Start small and roll out new apps in days, not months. Then scale it up as you go. It’s fast and efficient. It’s also flexible and adaptable, which means you can make changes as and when you need to. So in an ever-changing world, you’ll always be ready.
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Intelligent Automation for Utilities

In a sector where you are scored for every customer interaction, we understand that reducing friction and improving process efficiency is key. In this feature sheet, we explain how intelligent automation enables the utilities sector to automate processes quickly and easily.

Get started with our Energy LaunchPad

Jump-start your low-code development and address your most pressing challenges. Energy LaunchPad is a set of pre-built apps specifically designed to help energy companies quickly improve CX for customers, vulnerable customers and developers.