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Digital innovation for utilities

The utilities market is changing. There’s never been a greater focus on innovation and delivering the best customer experience (CX) for both customers and developers. Take a digital-first approach and transform your CX processes, fast.

Digital use cases for utilities

Here are some informative digital use cases for utilities that use our platform. Take a browse around these use cases to see how you could improve your CX processes, fast.

Our automated payment support application allows customers to reach out for support 24/7. And gives them more freedom to set up payment arrangement in their own time.

The rise of remote working and social distancing can make site visits a challenging process. Virtual inspections provide a fast, effective way to carry out inspection tasks remotely, using photographic evidence to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Customer portals have become the cornerstone of great customer service. They meet customer demand for self-service while easing the burden on your contact centre. Discover why building a portal using low-code is a simpler, more cost-effective alternative.

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It’s a springboard to solve other business challenges. When we have shown apps to our team, they were increasingly engaged as they realised this is ‘the real’ version. There’s no ‘big reveal’ but it’s more exciting to build what we need so quickly, showing and testing it as we build.