Integrate back-office processes to reduce manual input and errors

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Reduce manual input of data

When your back-office processes, from data capture to interaction resolution, are manual, they are prone to errors causing bottlenecks and delays.

The challenge

Rekeying the same information into several different systems has the tendency to compromise the data due to error, no matter how diligent the employee.

6 top tips for integrating the back-office into the contact centre

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The solution

Business process automation tools allow data to be entered once and then shared with any front or back-office application using advanced and fully customisable workflows. All systems are fully integrated.

The result

Monitoring the progress and performance of a case becomes simple. Agents can initiate a process that is automated through to resolution, or until human intervention is required. This frees up agent time, minimises potential bottlenecks and keeps costs down.

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