Integrate your tech, process and people on a single platform

Intelligent Automation

Combine multiple process automation technologies together, into a single platform or solution to automate business processes.

Pragmatic transformation

How do you take your intelligent automation solution up an extra gear? When you combine multiple process automation technologies together to form a single solution and a comprehensive automated set of business processes. In practice, that means automating processes at scale, right across the organisation. Being able to deliver this innovation in an agile, joined-up way across the enterprise is the key to success.

Intelligent Automation – automate business process with AI and RPA

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00:00 What’s holding you back from a digital first future?
00:23 Why automate?
00:31 What are process automation technologies?
00:50 So what’s intelligent automation?
01:18 Re-engineer your operations

Transcript of Intelligent Automation – automate business process with AI and RPA video

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Are manual broken processes holding you back from a digital first future? Your team’s productivity and effectiveness is impacted, which drives up costs. Management have limited visibility and customer experience slumps. Automation frees staff from repetitive mundane tasks and allows you to fix and reengineer processes and invent new ones. Process automation technologies include artificial intelligence, robotic process automation (or RPA),

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Low code and integration platforms to name just a few, and each is suited to different types of tasks. Combining any of these to automate business processes is known as intelligent automation, and this could revolutionize your entire organization. Pragmatism meets imagination, and at last, communication flows. Processes unite your departments, and you can make simple fixes quickly. It’s automation at scale, and this kind of transformation adds real value and drives customer experience.

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It’s time to let your imagination re-engineer your operations, to integrate your tech, people and processes. Talk to us.

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Intelligent Automation = RPA, AI and low-code




Organisations look to robotic process automation (RPA) to relieve pressure and workload on their staff. It’s widely appreciated that using software robots for mundane tasks results in quicker, error-free processing. It allows staff to do more meaningful, fulfilling work. And you solve all those transformation problems, fast.

Our flavour of RPA, Liberty RPA, is AI powered. It’s fast, cost-effective and low risk. It’s particularly good for integrating with legacy systems, such as accessing data from systems like SAP. Try RPA for yourself.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the easiest way to scale up handling large amounts of complex historical data, fast. You use computers and machines to copy clever human brain behaviour to make predictions, solve problems, speed up response times and increase efficiency.

AI is baked into our platform. Liberty AI provides richer insights to your data, allowing you to predict outcomes. This improves business decision making by making it easy to analyse data and then to act on customer insights.

Low-code is the easiest way to develop business applications, fast. It’s essentially process automation on steroids and a key element of intelligent automation. You map the process you want to create – including steps, actions and end points – and the software takes care of the rest. 

Liberty Create is our low-code development platform. It enables you to quickly and easily produce applications that automate and transform the business and your customer experience. Try low-code yourself.

There’s great synergy achieved when you combine multiple process automation technologies

Use low-code with RPA and you will be able to redefine and improve processes and have robots fulfil those steps at lightning pace.

Add in AI, to combine multiple process automation technologies, you can tap into your vast data resources to gain richer insights, using them to build machine learning data models that can predict future outcomes.

These intelligent automation technologies provides a solution that never need a tea break or a holiday. They work around the clock. They process faster than humans can and they make no mistakes.

Of course you still need your people. The optimum is achieved when you deploy bots and tech for the tasks that they are suited to, and the people to the tasks that they are best at.

What is Intelligent Automation?

Unleash the true power of automation

The Power of People and Bots

How low-code and RPA combine to make big CX improvements

See Liberty in action

Watch this 10 minute video below to see intelligent automation in action. Blending Liberty Create, Liberty RPA and Liberty AI.


RPA bots to the rescue

Sportpaleis Group relied upon Liberty RPA to re-allocate tickets at rescheduled events after lockdown.

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ATS Euromaster

RPA to improve employee experience

Freeing up staff and overcoming manual processes with robotic process automation at ATS Euromaster.

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eGuide introducing intelligent automation
Read our eGuide

Take a look at our complete guide to intelligent automation and see how combining multiple process automation technologies together into a single solution can increase accuracy, scalability and quality.

Tech to transform CX

Tech to transform CX

Liberty is a tightly integrated suite of customer engagement and intelligent automation solutions to let you manage and drive great CX delivery, effortlessly. Give your staff the tools they need and combine multiple process automation technologies.

Liberty Create: Low-code solution
Dream it, Build it. Tailor-made for citizen developers but with all the functionality that seasoned developers rely on.
Learn more
Liberty RPA: Robotic process automation
Free-up people. Use software robots to increase accuracy, quality and scalability while reducing human error.
Learn more

Tech to transform CX

Intelligent automation use cases

automated invoice processing

Intelligent automation for automated invoice processing

improve supplier credit checks

Intelligent automation for improving supplier credit checks

automated complaint routing

Intelligent automation for automated complaint routing

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The digital factory

Widen your scope. Build your digital factory with bots and low-code to turn out apps and processes in a mass-production style.

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