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Mind the gap – the digital skills gap that is.

Up and down the country businesses are suffering from the digital skills shortage. And they find it difficult to recruit the amount of skilled developers needed for digital transformation.

More than three-quarters of executives are experiencing challenges in digital recruitment (Ignite Digital, 2019). So if you have a lack of developer talent to call on, be assured that you’re not alone.

Grow your own developers with low-code. Ever-growing IT queues mean slow progress for your business. Low-code can help you share some of the development burden with business users, without compromising on IT standards or security.

Watch our ‘Spotlight on integration: Low-code 101 Webinar’ below to find out how you can unleash your CX innovation.


Head of Technology & Innovation, Anand Patel shares the benefits of bringing IT and line of business together for a collaborative approach to change, with real-life examples of how this is supporting transformation.

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