Unleash CX innovation 13 December 2019

Is the gap between your IT team and customer-facing people damaging your CX?

Fix it with Liberty Create and unleash your CX innovation.

The right people with the wrong tech.

People who work in customer-facing roles know exactly what it takes to make that great CX a reality.

But CX depends heavily on processes and technology. And that means it depends heavily on the people behind the scenes – IT people.

In most organisations, there’s a huge gap between these two parties. And IT aren’t the bad guys here. In most cases, they want to help but are already struggling with a monumental workload (that’s growing by the second).

But there is a solution, watch the video below to find out more.


Improve IT Performance

We specialise in bringing IT and the business closer together to accelerate innovation. Here’s how that works in practice.