Digital transformation your way, your pace with Citizen Hub

Get more from your budget, beat legacy gridlock and digitise your organisation, fast. Citizen Hub lets you quickly and easily automate and digitise critical local government processes, using low-code technology.

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Continuous improvement has become part of the team’s DNA at Cumbria. The corporate digital transformation strategy has been superseded by the revelation of how fast things can be improved. Resistance to change is actually diminishing.

Meet some of our Liberty Create for Local Government customers

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The CIO’s burden

If you’re a local government CIO, you’re probably feeling the pressure. You need to digitise your organisation while maintaining your legacy infrastructure, and your budget is shrinking. Citizen Hub can help.

We are here to help.

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Low-code – The fastest way to build business apps

Liberty Create is a low-code platform – it lets users build, test, launch and optimise applications that automate business processes. And they can do it all with very little or no code. IT only gets involved to vet, secure and improve applications.

Our Citizen Hub uses low-code to enable you to drive digital transformation how and when you want. You’ll have access to pre-built apps that automate and digitise critical local government processes, fast.

This is a new form of digital transformation – low-cost, collaborative, organic and fast.

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Liberty Create – The benefits

Improve agility
When your business users become developers you can roll out applications 5x faster. Now you can rapidly react to changing citizen demands.
Beat legacy gridlock
Liberty Create doesn’t replace your existing legacy systems, it ties them together. That means no more data siloes or disjointed processes.
Digitise, fast
When dozens of people are empowered to automate siloed or manual processes, change spreads quickly and organically. Problems are solved in the moment and improvements are made incrementally.
Overcome the skills shortage
Rapid innovation used to mean outsourcing or hiring expensive developer talent. Create gives you a shortcut – upskill your business users and they can build 80% of applications themselves.
Bring your business together
Collaboration is at the heart of Create. Bring your citizen-facing staff together with IT and you can build solutions that work for your citizens and your organisation.
Bespoke solutions
Point solutions rarely deliver to your specific needs. You’re always trying to put a round peg in a square hole. Liberty Create lets you build apps that are unique to your organisation. Or you can borrow from a council that’s already solved your problem.

“I’ve found the best things about Netcall’s low-code is how fast it is to build and that even ambitious end-to-end projects are possible. It’s intuitive and open, we can easily access data and connect to other systems. The forum on the Community is also fantastic.”
— James Bovington, Senior Digital Developer, Adur & Worthing Councils
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An app for any service

The magic of Liberty Create is that it can be applied to any local government service. Our customers have already digitised dozens of processes, including:

  • Parking permit requests
  • Dog fouling reporting
  • Council Tax (move-in move-out) applications
  • Pest control issues
  • Fly-tipping reporting
  • Wheelie bin management
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Our response to the Local Digital Declaration

The 2018 Local Digital Declaration changed the way councils approach IT forever. We can help you achieve some of the key goals set out by the community.

  • Demonstrate digital leadership by automating manual, siloed processes
  • Adopt a more flexible, modular approach to IT
  • Build safe, secure ways of sharing information
  • Deliver a better quality of service to citizens
  • Collaborate and share with other organisations
Read our manifesto to local government

Empower agile multidisciplinary teams to make a big difference – fast!

Stay on top of changing customer demands

It’s never been easy to meet customer needs. They’re constantly changing along with national circumstances.  Processes are locked down and teams have to create manual workarounds. Low-code means digital teams make useful updates quickly and easily. They can cross-skill and share activities. Agile development methods add capacity to their team. And, everyone has a better focus on the outcomes.

Break down silos for rapid process transformation

It’s easy to understand how department-based tech and manual methods lead to data silos and separate working. Low-code enables multidisciplinary teams to co-operate and change accelerates.  Departments feel in control of their process change early on. It brings out the best in their thinking. And, the ease of integration using REST and SOAP APIs makes it simple and fast.

Seeing is believing, build with your departmental teams

Innovating processes is exciting. Yet, when you are running back and forth trying to remember all the small necessary details, it can feel like an uphill task. There’s a better way. Low-code, is so fast you can build the process there and then with your users. They see the new process as its unfolding and can quickly remind you of any specifics.

Move the digital uptake needle by 85%

When the transformation pressure’s on, it’s easy to overlook involving customers. Time is everything and results matter. Case studies show that when our customers involve their residents it has incredible results.  A logical user-friendly GDS compliant interface boosts digital uptake. Best of all, the real-time process map shows bottlenecks as they happen. Your team can see where any issues arise and resolve them immediately at no cost. 

Borrow, share and collaborate – Introducing Citizen Hub
Sometimes you don’t want to start from scratch. You need a reliable solution to a specific problem. That’s what our Citizen Hub framework is for. It gives you access to pre-built apps that automate and digitise critical local government processes.
Accelerate digitisation

CItizen Hub is all about speed. All of our pre-existing apps are 80% complete meaning you only need to fine-tune processes to meet your specific needs.

You can also copy workflows between apps. So if you’ve created something groundbreaking for one service, you can easily apply it to another.

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Work with other councils

Delivering better services has become a collaborative effort and Citizen Hub is designed to help local governments work better, together. 

Our AppShare gives you access to an ever-growing library of apps, widgets and templates built by other councils and reviewed by us. All of these tools are available free-of-charge.

Visit our AppShare.

AppShare allowed free-to-use applications to be downloaded, enabling Cumbria County Council’s platform growth to be rapid. It also helped them to meet their Digital Declaration objectives by sharing their work and collaborating with other authorities.

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Read our Manifesto to Local Government

Our commitment to local government and will continually guide us on our mission.