Low-code 101

This webinar series explores a number of different aspects of our low-code platform. A variety of Netcall Team members are featured, answering questions and giving tips and advice to people who are using, or considering using, Liberty Create low-code.

Welcome to our “Low-code 101” webinar series, all about Liberty Create.

In this fourth instalment, host Laura Ritchie from the Netcall Marketing Team looks at building an effective business performance case for low-code with Mike Woodgate, a Netcall Business Solutions Consultant.

Integration is a key area where we encounter many questions in the early stages of low-code adoption. Laura Ritchie discusses system integration issues with another of our Solution Architects, Richard Kelly.

Laura Ritchie, looks into security with our Solution Architect, Angela Chamberlain. As we are all aware, security is a crucial element to consider when introducing a new piece of software into your estate.