Migrating from SEMAP and SEMAP+ to Liberty

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It’s time to make the move, your agents and information security team will thank you

As a Netcall customer, you have the ability to migrate to the new Liberty platform. Did you know that we offer a generous approach to licencing? We recognise your prior investment which means that, unlike other vendors, we credit the cost of applications to your new migration.

Many customers avoid the upheaval they expect change will bring. If you are thinking… “it’s not broken, so why migrate” we hear you. We understand how stressful change is for you and your teams. However, functionality has moved on and more importantly information security risks for older systems are on the increase. You will mitigate risk and gain productivity benefits too, so why wait?

“Migrate on a Friday, be back up and operational on a Monday”

Be reassured, our teams have proven experience over several platform migrations since 1995. We’ll work hard to make migrating to Liberty as easy and cost effective as possible. For SEMAP+ to Liberty, for example, all user, system configuration, and historic reporting data is migrated automatically. Nearly 200 customers have already seen, you really can migrate on a Friday, and be back up and operational on Liberty on a Monday.

Liberty Resilience and Redundancy Architecture

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Information security

Cyber-attacks are a real risk. To mitigate this we always strongly recommend you ensure you have applied all Microsoft security patches, have anti-virus installed and up to date, have checked backup routines to ensure that they are still operational, and have taken the necessary steps to reduce the possible attack surface by only opening the minimum required ports to the server(s).

For more information about protecting yourselves from ransomware from the National Cyber Security Centre, visit: https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/guidance/ransomware-latest-ncsc-guidance

Operating systems

SEMAP and SEMAP+ solutions both run on Windows 2003 or an earlier operating system. You may still be at risk due to the age of the Microsoft operating system (unless you have a custom support agreement directly with Microsoft).

This in itself may be a driver for your migration to Liberty. To find out if we support the operating system you are running, what migration options are open to you, or just general advice on security contact us on 0330 333 6100 and ask for “Technical Support”. Or request a call back here.

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