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If many of your staff members work on the move and cannot access information on their mobile devices, this can result in the slow completion of tasks and bottlenecks. Make it easy for your teams to complete tasks 'on the move' and see increased productivity.

The challenge

Accessing information and records securely and quickly on mobile devices while on the move can lead to time being wasted trying to find a connection, let alone one that is secure.

Quick access to information when and where you need it

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The solution

Access to customer information from any location, on any browser-enabled device for your remote/satellite staff will see an increase in productive time spent. CXM supports both online and offline connectivity, so any data that has been updated while offline will automatically be pushed to the CXM when re-connected and vice versa.

The result

Enable your teams to work cohesively no matter their location. Agent productivity will increase and customer queries will be handled, and resolved, faster. And no need to worry about the security of data; all information travelling over the internet is automatically encrypted.

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