Newsroom 13 July 2023

Charterhouse and Netcall share vision of digital transformation


Joined in their vision of digital transformation, Netcall is delighted to announce its latest strategic partnership with Charterhouse.

Charterhouse is a technology solutions provider, with a core focus around IT and Communications solutions. Its decision to partner with Netcall is founded on its key requirement for innovative solutions that deliver a new approach for a digital age.

Enabling secure connectivity, collaboration and communication

Charterhouse delivers technology solutions that drive business success through secure digital transformation and robust communication. Organisations trust the firm as their partner of choice to design, provide and support the technology that underpins their operation — driving success through secure connectivity and collaboration.

Offering end-to-end client-centric services, Liberty Converse and Connect form part of its innovative solution portfolio to inspire customer confidence. With omnichannel and full contact centre capability, our Liberty platform delivers the level of digital transformation required by its team of highly experienced engineers and consultants.

Charterhouse’s decision to use Liberty Converse and Connect is based on its one-stop solution appeal — that combines innovation, strong systems design and extensive integration capabilities:

Converse is an omnichannel contact centre solution which combines practical AI and automation with agent-assisted technology to help Charterhouse clients reduce costs and streamline processes.

Connect transforms digital conversations by blending chat functionality with AI-powered chatbot — enabling Charterhouse clients to build simple chat flows for routine questions and extend functionality with ease.

Bob Swallow, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Charterhouse Group says:

“Charterhouse is delighted to announce our partnership with Netcall, enabling greater platform choice for our customers, enabling secure communication and collaboration, and strengthening our capabilities and 30 years of communication solutions experience.”

Andy Collis, Strategic Partner Director at Netcall adds, “Just like Charterhouse, we share a vision of delivering innovative solutions that are fit for purpose in a digital age. With Liberty Converse and Connect, we can empower Charterhouse to deliver quickly, without the technical headaches.”

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