Newsroom 12 August 2022

Congratulations to NHS England


We’d like to congratulate NHS England on achieving its first milestone in cutting patient waiting list backlogs.

The number of people waiting more than two years for routine operations has fallen dramatically to less than 200 (from 22,500 at the start of 2022). That’s according to latest NHS figures which mark the first milestone in their ambitious catch-up plan.

In the face of funding constraints and an ageing population, made worse post-COVID, staff have been under intense pressure to reduce elective care backlogs. Government’s next plan is to remove 18-month waits (affecting around 50,000 people) by April 2023.

As one of the NHS’ group of committed healthcare stakeholders, Netcall actively supports that vision. Our Liberty digital health platform is an AI-powered solution widely used by Trusts across the country. Benefits include lower costs and better staff capacity, along with an improved patient experience.

Our Patient Hub is an automated solution that drives elective recovery — with digital first engagement. As patients are empowered, resources are optimised. We applaud our many NHS customers and the incredible work they’re doing to achieve their patient waiting list targets. And we’re pleased to be part of the solution that will benefit citizens across the UK.

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