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Liberty Platform – New Features (2022.2)


We’ve released a series of updates across Liberty by Netcall® for Liberty Create, RPA and AI. The new Liberty Platform features include a number of major improvements and requested enhancements from the Community. If you’d like to suggest feature enhancements, or see the requests, head over to the Feature Voting Portal.

Liberty Create, our powerful low-code software development platform, continues a range of useful improvements, including:

  • Microsoft Teams Calls – more support for hosting and running Teams calls, with multiple participants, within Liberty Create applications.
  • SCORM eLearning Support – helping you deliver eLearning content using SCORM, managing user scores, progress through a learning path and more. (We’ll be using this to host training content for customers and staff in the Netcall Community).
  • Monitor Studio – new improvements with a ‘Problems’ page helps builders keep track of issues and set email notification alerts.
  • API Improvements – as you handle logging of inbound and outbound API calls, new settings will auto-retry APIs if they fail, triggering email alerts, error management actions and more.
  • Liberty AI Enhancements – enjoy new support for new model types in Liberty AI (see Liberty AI below).
  • Additional features – smaller enhancements include mapping remote objects for modules, adding watermarks to images, data encryption key rotation and many more.

Liberty RPA, our AI-powered robotic process automation tool, adds new capabilities for an improved user experience for citizens and professional developers. These include:

  • Microsoft Edge Browser Support – over 40 new activities now add feature parity for Edge users with Google Chrome, where Microsoft’s browser is the required standard.
  • Additional Activities for Microsoft Excel – with advanced column and row manipulation for process flows and multiple new activities to add/remove rows and columns or insert cells to allow more flexibility when working with data.
  • Enhanced Variable Support – new activities set the values of multiple variables in a single node and set values securely so they are not recorded in the logs.
  • Liberty AI Enhancements – support has been added for new model types in Liberty AI (see Liberty AI below).
  • Additional features – many smaller improvements include screenshot enhancements, a new keyboard shortcuts activity and additional RPA Studio and Wand (Computer Vision) enhancements among others.

Liberty AI our machine learning (ML) solution, adds richer insights to your data, and features new capabilities for an improved user experience for citizen and professional data users. They include:

  • New Pre-Trained ML Model Types – new Entity Extraction and Key-Phrase Extraction models work on unstructured text. This helps identify a specific list of entities in a piece of text — and extract pertinent phrases from a piece of text, ranking them on overall relevance.
  • New Custom ML Model Types – Text Classification and Text Regression model types to work on unstructured text (documents, paragraphs, emails etc.). This helps predict content meaning and relevance based on historical data.
  • New Model Testing Capabilities – models trained in Liberty AI can now easily be tested (without having to build specific Liberty Create applications or Liberty RPA process flows). This makes it easier to check the right data is being used to maximise accuracy of custom ML models.
  • Additional features – many smaller new improvements include the ability to link directly to a data export file within a Liberty Create application.
Read the Liberty AI release notes

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