Patient Hub and Liberty Converse

Improve patient experience and save advisor time by connecting your patient portal to your booking centre – 100% of patients engage by their preferred channel.

No patient left behind

When engaging with patients digitally, it’s vital that information is clear as to what a patient should do, and who they should contact at each stage of the process. If you then instruct a patient to call a trust or contact in a given department, or they would prefer to do so via that channel, you are potentially introducing a point of failure where tracking of that patient is then lost. You want to give ALL patients their channel of choice to respond, whilst tracking that patient information. We can help connect patient portal to bookings for appointments.

Right service, right time, right advisor for all

  • No breaks in the patient journey with a seamless connection of Patient Hub and Converse within the booking centre
  • Patients respond on their channel of choice – digital or telephone

Improve the patient experience

  • Save 51 seconds on every rebook call
  • Instant access to patient details for advisors
  • Resolve enquiries fast for patients
  • Shorter, more informed calls
LIberty Converse screenshot

Improve staff utilisation

51 seconds saved per call, with seamless integration

Liberty Converse screenshot

Connect your patient portal to your bookings switchboard with Converse and Patient Hub

  • Save ~1 FTE p.a. in call time calculated on 2,000 weekly rebook calls
  • Give advisors control from the start – with real-time updates on the screen
  • Improve productivity with the removal of repetitive tasks
  • Increase staff morale with shorter calls and fewer patients to soothe
Netcall is the only contact centre provider to link the patient journey through the booking centre to the Patient Portal. 
51 seconds
saved on every rebook call
~1 F.T.E.
saved in call time for 2,000 weekly rebook calls
patients engaged through their channel of choice
How to connect your Patient Hub portal & Liberty Converse booking centre

51 second call advantage on every call
(or ~1 FTE p.a. for 2,000 weekly rebook calls*)

  • Seamless native integration
  • Instant advisor updates
  • Total call control
  • Remove repetitive tasks
  • Increase accuracy
  • Improve staff morale
  • Smooth patient experience

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