Liberty Converse for Microsoft Teams

Connect your Contact Centre with Microsoft Teams

Enable complete collaboration with managers, supervisors, agents and customers with Liberty Converse for Microsoft Teams.

Customer collaboration at its best

Enable complete collaboration across your teams with Liberty Converse, our leading contact centre solution. Converse integrated with Microsoft Teams delivers unparalleled teamwork and communication in your contact centre.

Perfect for today’s hybrid and remote contact centre teams, Liberty Converse empowers you to communicate effectively from anywhere.

Stay on top of dynamic situations and customer expectations effortlessly, while agents confidently engage customers, backed by peers and managers.

Access voice and digital channel support, plus intelligent call and chatbot routing with Liberty Converse and Microsoft Teams.

Craft extraordinary agent and customer experiences with all the essential tools at your fingertips!

  • Communicate freely wherever you’re based
  • Complete visibility of team and conversations
  • Uninterrupted agent and customer engagement
  • Team engagement and support from peers and managers
Microsoft certification assurance for Teams users
Certified to Microsoft exacting standards, Liberty Converse for Microsoft Teams provides the quality and compliance you need for your technology choices.

Empower your contact centre – Liberty Converse’s integration with Microsoft Teams

  • Boost agent efficiency – seamlessly connect with the entire organisation through Microsoft Teams calls and messages, right within the Liberty Converse contact centre app.
  • Enhance customer and agent experiences – achieve fast first call resolution and reduced handling time.
  • Access from anywhere – enjoy incredible collaboration and teamwork, whether working from home or the office.

Experience the winning blend of Liberty Converse and Microsoft Teams

Agent availability
Spot agent status instantly within the app. 
Agent evaluation
Tailored performance evaluations with contact recording.
Manage shifts and rotas
Organise effortlessly in your Microsoft Teams shared workspace. 
Omni-channel handling
Master channel management, snippets, interaction history, wrap-up codes, and reporting.
Real-time reporting
Create precise reports for timely decisions and performance monitoring.
Flexible self-service front-end
Customisable IVR menus, advanced speech recognition, web assistants, and chatbots.
Integrated call-back
Slash call abandons and match reply calls with agent availability.
For the ultimate contact centre collaboration tool

Unite your team, keep them motivated and delight your customers with Liberty Converse for Microsoft Teams. Collaboration at its best. Contact us for a demo.

Netcall is a Gold-Microsoft-Partner
We’ve been a Gold Microsoft Partner for over 13 years. As Liberty Converse is Microsoft Teams certified, you can boost your team’s productivity and dramatically improve your customer experience performance.

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