CX Appeal

What does good CX look like? In this podcast series we look at the innovative ways organisations are using technology to transform their customer experience, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

We talked to Ross McQueen, Customer Services Manager at Blackburn. They discussed the impacts and adaptations that have been made during and since the pandemic, how and why they have deployed self-service options and chatbots and answered the question: When is a contact centre agent not a contact centre agent?

What can be achieved when you combine automation with your existing people? Using their expert knowledge to craft the processes and leaving the repetitive work to robots, who are faster and infallible. It is a truly powerful combination.

With energy regulator Ofgem ordering 11 companies to improve customer service, Louise Wright is joined by Lewis Gallagher to discuss complaints handling and CX. Lewis has worked in the customer experience and contact centre space for over 20 years and shares his views and experiences of helping teams to problem solve.