CX Appeal

What does good CX look like? In this podcast series we look at the innovative ways organisations are using technology to transform their customer experience, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

What can be achieved when you combine automation with your existing people? Using their expert knowledge to craft the processes and leaving the repetitive work to robots, who are faster and infallible. It is a truly powerful combination.

In this episode of CX Appeal we’re at the Future of the Contact Centre Conference. Hosted by Engage Business Media in London, this event brings together contact centre leaders, industry experts and tech specialists to discuss the latest CX trends and their impact on the contact centre.

In this episode, Louise Wright is joined by Netcall’s Customer Solutions Director Dave Amps. They discuss the differences between multichannel and omnichannel customer service. And why there’s so much confusion in the industry about the two terms.

From front-line issues like agent engagement, contact centre performance and process improvement, through to digital transformation and business growth. In this episode, Louise Wright talks through three of the most popular tips we spoke to our customers about last year.