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Netcall Liberty - modules now available on G-Cloud 9

Public sector organisations face a tough and complex set of challenges in this age of austerity. Budget restraints and rising demand for services mean some organisations are close to breaking point. One solution has been the increasing reliance on cloud-based contact centre software.

Leading IT research and advisory company, Gartner, has their take on cloud. By 2020, a corporate "no-cloud" policy will be as rare as a "no-internet" policy is today.

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Financial -

Squeezed budgets affect many organisations. It means they don’t have ready access to funds to make large, capital expenditures. It is likewise now difficult to justify such expense. Cloud solutions are available to businesses of all sizes. It allows them to move away from high front-end expenditures models to a more favourable and manageable operational expenditure model. As a result, low-risk, pay for what you use Capex to Opex strategies are rapidly becoming an attractive option.

Operational -

Cloud-based solutions can offer a far greater degree of practical and functional benefits:

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