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#8 Life in Low-code// Things we love about low-code

What do we love about working with low-code?

What do we love about working with low-code?

In this episode we ask some of our low-code team to share what they love about working with Liberty Create and they had a lot of love to share!

From speed of delivery and ease of use, to how low-code empowers better teamwork and collaboration, hear what they had to say.

Special thanks to the team for taking part

  • Delphine Andre
  • Nicholas Egbaran
  • Paul Frossell
  • Mark Hawkins
  • James Redfern
  • Meike Schulz
  • Bob Twells

Louise: Hi everyone and thanks for tuning into the Life in Low-code podcast. This episode focusses on the things we love about low-code. I caught up with a number of people who work with our Liberty Create solution who are more than happy to share the low-code love, keep listening to hear what they had to say.

Paul Frossell, Product Manager: The thing I love about low-code, is the combination of its power and its speed. It’s got the power to build any amount of software you can imagine and can do it very quickly.

Meike Schulz, Consultant Business Analyst: So, for me there’s always been a certain wow factor to it. In my job I work with a lot of customer development teams and sometimes when we discuss how to achieve certain functionality it’s amazing to just be able to say just give it a go, try it out, because it’s so quick to configure.

Nicholas Egbaran, QA Tester: Recently they just released the application, test studio application and it’s a really amazing application and as a tester it’s really beneficial for us as testers, beneficial for developers as well and for customers because it’s very fluid. What they have developed is something that because it’s low-code, it’s working in the same format as a low-code, like a drag and drop makes it so easy for us to regularly playback a test, it’s just an amazingly fantastic application, fantastic tool.

Delphine Andre, Business Analyst, Service & Delivery: What I love about low-code is that it’s a little bit like playing Lego, grabbing blocks or in our case bits of functionality, putting them together to deliver your product. However, with our code studio, we also have the ability to go a step further in tailoring your application. So basically, we have the best of both worlds.

Meike Schulz, Consultant Business Analyst: So, for me the main thing is that the customer can now do some coding of their own directly into the platform and they can then share that so if a customer was using multiple applications, they could use that same piece of custom functionality across several applications and even share that with other customers if they want via the community app share.

James Redfern, UI/UX Developer: As a UA developer, I love how quick and easy low-code is to use.

Mark Hawkins, Senior Support Specialist: The nice thing about Create is that because it is modular in the way it’s designed basically, from a support perspective anyway, I can jump into any build or any configuration and because the tools are fairly easy to follow and standardised across the board, generally I’m picking it and trying to find the flow which makes life a lot easier.

Delphine Andre, Business Analyst, Service & Delivery: We can work with builders, UX specialists, developers, technical architects and many more. So basically, our teams and skills vary depending on your product and your needs.

Mark Hawkins, Senior Support Specialist: I think it does empower them to all of a sudden start creating definitely more business focused, process management applications in-house as opposed to having to go to their IT teams for any specialist knowledge, all of a sudden you can have a couple of training courses on the platform and start to integrate into your business work flows a lot easier than you used to be able to in the past. Taking the Excel spreadsheets method, as a lot of people seem to do, is to take that further and start making feature rich and content rich business applications online that will cut down workload and help your business processes and work flow.

Meike Schulz, Consultant Business Analyst: Within the shortest timeframe you get to see how people build their experience and their knowledge of the platform, how it evolves, how they become better. To be honest one of the favourite parts of my job, is I get to witness the team’s confidence in themselves and that they are building grow, and in my opinion, it leads to happier and stronger teams overall.

Louise: And that’s a wrap! For me it was interesting to hear so many different reasons why low-code is a great solution to work with. A huge thank you to everyone at Netcall who took part in today’s podcast. Your passion for this technology is so clear, keep up the great work! For more information about low-code and how it’s helping IT and business leaders to transform customer experience and achieve their transformation goals, go to I’ve included some other useful links in the description for this episode. From myself and the Netcall team, enjoy the rest of your day and goodbye!

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