Agile Automation – A Human-centred Approach

Recorded: Thursday 8th October 2020

Somewhere between Brexit and post-COVID, navigating 2021 and maintaining a focus on improving customer experience is a tough challenge.

Businesses are turning to automation and digitisation to be more flexible and agile. They need to be able to respond better and quickly to the next changes. Whole industries have been turned on their head in the face of volatile customer demand, high customer expectations and profitability pressure, high customer expectations and profitability pressure.

But automation isn’t simply about automation. Vision is at the centre – where does the organisation need to get to? Culture is a key enabler. Legacy systems and slow IT governance can hold you back.

It’s time to think differently. In this 15 minute webcast, you will get an insight into our agile automation framework for successful projects. We teamed up with Gobeyond Partners to share insight into how to effectively prepare your organisation for a survival of the fittest future.

Time is precious in your role as a busy senior leader, so we’ll get straight to the critical insight in just 15 minutes.

Listen to our innovation leaders

GoBeyond Partners

Listen to our two innovation leaders, Managing Director, Solution Development at GoBeyond Partners, Dave Pattman, and Chief Innovation Officer at Netcall, Richard Farrell to hear about a human-centred approach to digitisation which puts your business users at the fore-front and hands them the tools to automate processes themselves.

They discussed:

  • What makes automation successful
  • How to automate whilst reducing overheads
  • How friction experienced by the customer is often caused by disruption in internal processes
  • How COVID may have accelerated the focus on resolving those processes and how to take advantage of this effectively
  • Customer journeys, defining and redesigning the process
  • Utilising your business people to build what they need, not just digitising what they have already

More about our speakers

Dave Pattman

Managing Director, Solution Development, GoBeyond Partners

Dave Pattman

Dave leads a highly-skilled team of specialists, designing solutions that help clients to solve their toughest customer journey challenges.

With over 25 years of management experience across multiple sectors including FMCG, Financial Services and BPO, he drives transformation through an innovative application of solutions that blend people, data and technology.

Richard Farrell

Chief Innovation Officer, Netcall

Richard Farrell

Richard investigates and advises on changing environments, technologies and trends, working closely with tech and business analysts to inform his knowledge, which he’ll share as part of this webinar.

Over the past 20 years at Netcall, he has researched, innovated and delivered solutions that meet the needs and challenges that our clients face. He has a rich and in-depth understanding of customer contact management.



In this short 30 minute webinar we explain intelligent automation. We look at why automation is so important for transforming CX. And we look at the benefits it provides to organisations across all industries.