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Feature Sheet – App in a week

The new pace of digital innovation: Scope in a day – Build in a week

Reframing the pace of change

The need to respond to change more quickly, to engage digitally with a wider community, on smoother journeys, using fewer resources and at manageable cost has never been more acute.

Whether it is new and responsive services to customers, increased efficiencies for staff, extending the reach and richness of legacy systems or tackling that growing backlog of projects in this new world, speed is now king.

App in a week, from Netcall brings together subject matter experts, technology and process to tackle one topic at a time, understand the challenges and crucially put solutions into the hands of users within days.

Scope in a day – Build in a week.

Read the full App in a week Feature sheet.

App in a week
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Key features

  • Focused facilitated workshop to understand issues and capture ideas and requirements in a day
  • Low touch one day commitment, Netcall do the rest
  • Fast first version of the app delivered typically in one to two weeks
  • Entirely digital virtual meeting, collaboration tools and delivery, all done remotely
  • On a platform for growth – quickly move to the next challenge using the platform. Think big, start small and rapidly build on your successes.

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