Podcast 14 April 2020

How call back tech helps to manage unpredictable call volumes with Richard Farrell

The evolution of call back technology and why it’s still relevant today

Respond quickly to changing demands with less staff

As we wrote in our recent blog post ‘Five top tips on tech that can help you weather the storm and even thrive’, the world both at home and work, has changed in a very short time. Call back tech can help manage these changes.

What’s more, uncertain and unpredictable times are difficult to plan for. In the coming months, you may have varying call volumes and enquiries, with less staff than usual to take care of them.

One technology that’s stood the test of time and continues to help business leaders overcome these challenges, is call back technology. In this podcast, we’re joined by Netcall’s CINO Richard Farrell to discuss why it’s still a relevant solution.

And as someone who’s been working in this arena for nearly twenty-five years, Richard shares some invaluable best practice tips and background knowledge on how to use call back tech to its full potential and maximise results.

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