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COVID-19 low-code applications for the public sector

Recorded: Thursday 9th April 2020

Your organisation can immediately benefit from using COVID-19 low-code accelerators even if you don’t have Liberty Create low-code.

Our public sector low-code community have been rapidly building applications to support their communities and staff through the COVID-19 event.  We are a sharing community, and so we’re making it fast and easy for any organisation who needs these emergency apps to get them. Even if you are not a Netcall low-code user.

You can benefit from shared expertise and jumpstart your COVID-19 response. With reduced licensing and costs based on your organisation’s size and number of transactions.

  • Business Grants app – designed by Croydon Council to manage business applications and payments.
  • Volunteer Co-ordination app – designed by Adur & Worthing Councils to connect volunteers with those who need help.
  • Workforce Monitoring – allows you to monitor the who’s working and who’s unwell across a geography.
  • Workforce Emergency Alerts – provides mass communications to your employees and offers crisis response capability.

On Thursday 9th April we held a webinar which went through the COVID-19 package as well as demonstrating the apps available. We were delighted to be joined by Dave Briggs from Croydon Council, Paul Brewer from Adur and Worthing Councils and Craig Barker from Cumbria County Council to discuss our COVID-19 low-code apps for the public sector.


Our Citizen Hub Framework provides all the components you need to build, deploy and improve business applications. All of this without coding. Using its drag-and-drop interface, you can jump start your build activity, as you update the templated applications.

One in four local government organisations use our low-code or contact centre solutions to make life easier for their citizens and staff.