Webinar | Local Government

Digital teams working to deliver change

Recorded: 7th March 2020

With Craig Barker, Digital & Website Improvement Officer at Cumbria County Council

Being able to rapidly respond to changing ways, working or customer needs has never been more important. But, often the organisations we speak to, say that change is slow and frustrating.

We were recently joined by Craig Barker at Cumbria County Council who shares his insight on how digital teams can work together to successfully deliver change. His team of 4 people created 16 solutions within 12 months.

He talks us through how:

  • Agile development methods have added capacity to their team
  • Using multi-disciplinary teams means you can move at lightning speed
  • To combat resistance to change within the organisation
  • To ensure adoption of your change

Craig talks us through some examples he and his digital teams have delivered using low-code for local government solution Citizen Hub. And he gives us a few practical pointers along the way.