Category 08 September 2020

How end-to-end system development has allowed Cairn to improve service delivery during lock-down

Hear from Sarah Parker, Project Manager at Cairn Housing Association, who spoke at a recent Gov Share event.

She shared how Cairn replaced and launched a new Customer Management System during lockdown using end-to-end system development. And how they launched a new self-service portal built on Liberty Create. This allowed customers to pay their rent, get in touch and to report things like repairs, complaints and anti-social behaviour.

And all the while staff were working remotely.

She also covers:

  • How end-to-end integration with Liberty Converse and Create allowed them to improve service delivery for customers and provide new digital services
  • How their systems support colleagues to work seamlessly from any location
  • How COVID-19 allowed them to embrace digital tech, digital services and define a new normal

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For further information on how Cairn Housing Group harnessed the power of low-code to ensure no tenant was left behind see the Transforming the tenant journey story.


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