Fast tracking your digital journey, together

Recorded: 26th February – 5th March 2021

See what we have built in this feedback session

With low-code for health you can fast track your IT projects. Building apps up to 10 times quicker than traditional development becomes really powerful when processes suddenly change, or there are new requirements in your digital journey.

That is exactly what we did with University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHS). COVID-19 threw up lots of new requirements that hospitals had to deal with, and fast. Staff vaccinations and contacting patients on the waiting list are two of these critical issues. Using Liberty Create low-code, UHS and Netcall built apps to handle these within a matter of days.

Come and see it for yourself

On Friday 26th February, we held a workshop where we took two NHS challenges and then built both apps within a week to solve it. Below, you can watch some highlights from the workshop, including the presentations on the left. On the right, you can see the results and a demo of what we built. And below you can jump straight to the demos of the apps themselves.



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