Customer Interview

Improving Employee Experience with Liberty RPA

Freeing up staff and overcoming manual processes with robotic process automation

David Robson shares the ATS Euromaster journey with Liberty RPA

We were delighted to speak to David Robson, IS/IT Director at ATS Euromaster about automation and their deployment of Liberty RPA – our robotic process automation solution.

Freeing up staff and overcoming manual processes

Yad Jaura asked David about how RPA has freed their people from manual processes. And how the cultural adoption of using robots has opened up new approaches as well as bringing together legacy systems and data sources. All of which contributes to increased efficiency.

Watch the interview in full below to learn more about improving employee experience with RPA at ATS Euromaster.

RPA is now one of those conversations that appears in team meetings. They are now thinking about what they are doing and why. And what is the benefit? We are starting to think about how we can do things differently.

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